Sunday, September 6, 2009

Update on Pepper

Hi everyone,
Id like to tell you what happened yesterday. My parent's were tarring the driveway, and Pepper was outside playing in the sunshine..... He went over and dipped his little paws in the tarpaint!
We yelled at him not to lick his paws.
My dad and I had to perform an emergency cleanup on him. We took some detergent and water and started scrubbing. Then we finished with alcohol solution. There were some small stubborn bits and my Dad just took tiny scissors to cut away the clumps of black fur.
Pepper hissed and howled the whole time and I had to restrain him. It was quite an ordeal. He had to be comforted a lot after, he ate extra kibbles and I cooed him to sleep.
He is doing really well today and forgot about the whole thing.

Balloons and e-cards accepted for Pepper.

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  1. Sometimes the outside isn't the best place for a kitty to explore. There are lots of skeery things out there that can hurt!