Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pepper looks like Chairman Meow

Yesterday I had a bit of a surprising realization. Pepper looks a bit like Chairman Meow, the inspirational feline dictator, famed for his "Little Book of Meowisms". Could Pepper be the illustrious Chairman Meow, the last fountain of political wisdom this century has to offer behind a foggy feline veil who is nevertheless diametrically opposed to Obama ?

Hehe if you say Pepper looks like Chairman Meow, it would sure boost his ego, as if his ego wasn't big enough!

Notice a pic of Pepper in his jacket and a woodcut print of Chairman Meow.

chairman meow


  1. Hi, it's me, Wendy, from the LOLSpot! I would suggest that you advertise your blog on the Cat Blogosphere autolinks every time you post, so that more people will become aware of you. You are very clever, and I think there are lots of folks who would like to post pictures of their cats in clothes (like me, for instance), but they didn't know about you.

    If you don't know where to go, here's the link:
    www.catblogosphere.blogspot.com. Click on "Home Page" and then scroll down to the autolinks for the day.

    I'll be back to post some pictures of my kitties in clothes later in the week. I just started dressing them up recently. Thanks.

  2. My goodness, there certainly is a resemblance! We just hope that he is more benevolent!